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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Super Secret Giveaway

Yeah, I did it, I had a Super Secret Giveaway and didn't tell anyone except my Tweeps. I'm totally random like that.

What brought it on? Well, the other day I noticed that my little blog here had passed 50 followers and I said to my self "Self (that's what I call myself when I talk in my head. It's more personal that way), I wonder if I can get to the big 100 before the day is out?" So, being the excellent coversationalist I am, I said "You know what? I think I can. And to make it an occasion, I will do a few tweets about it and give away a prize if I make it.". Out of this conversation in my head, the Super Secret Get Me to 100 Giveaway was born! (I like the name...it works for me, and it's fun to say :D)

I didn't quite make 100 before the night was through, but I got to 99 and said to myself "Self...screw it, it's close enough!". So I randomized some numbers, and got a winner!

Congrats to Lisa (The Gifted Ones) on winning her $10 Amazon.com Gift Card and being my Super Secret Giveaway Winner!!! Yay!!!

If you don't wanna miss a chance that I'm going to be totally random again, doesn't hurt to follow on Twitter. Lots of fun stuff going on there! Just click on the fun little Twitter banner on the right sidebar!! I re-follow often!!! Hope to see ya there :D

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  1. You're a peach! Some days it just feels good to be a winner! Thanks again!