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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Guilty Pleasure #2

Guilty Pleasures is a weekly meme that CJ Duggan came up with. It's tons of fun and I love checking out the posts each week.

This week guilty pleasure is something I am constantly ragging at my kids and hubby over. From the time the kids get home from school, the first thing they ask..."Can I play the PS3?". Ugh. It's like a sickness for these guys. Always new games coming out, hours upon hours of playtime, and tons of money spent. I don't remember playing games so often when I was a kid. So naturally, when everyone goes to bed, and I have some alone time...I love to unwind with a good game.

Now, I'm not obsessed with getting the latest and greatest (although the other half and the kids insist on getting the latest releases) games, or frantic about getting a new high score...but I gotta tell ya, there is something about ending a stressful day with a great round of Call of Duty. This is better than therapy (and cheaper too)!! I mean, you get to go to all these places with your team, you get guns, and are told to shoot, shoot, shoot. It took me a long time to get into it, but it is definitely a great stress-reliever. If I'm feeling really energetic? Yeah, I totally have Zumba for PS3...works every time too :)

When I am not so stressed out, I like to just relax sometimes with a great RPG (I am a bit of a Final Fantasy geek...played them all) or something along those lines. I don't know what it is about them, but I thoroughly enjoy playing sometimes. Not daily, mind you...but the occasional game on the weekends or the infrequent night through the week when I had a rough day at work and reading just isn't cutting it...yeah, a little shoot-em-up or completing my latest quest will be sure to put me in a better mood.

It's also a great way to spend time with the hubby. A glass of wine and a round of COD together after the kidlets are sound asleep....sometimes much better than just watching a movie.

So there you have it...I'm a closet gaming geek. Who woulda thunk it?


  1. That's an awesome guilty pleasure... I steal my hubby's ipad and play games on it when I want to chill out. The game sounds pretty interesting. I'm assuming you have a pretty high score? Do you kick you're hubby's butt?

    Check out my guilty pleasure - it's on my blog.


  2. HA! That's awesome. I tried video games with my boys but I jump up in the air when the gamer dudes are supposed to and I don't press buttons. When I operate a vehicle, I turn the controller instead of the dial thingy. LOL I give up.
    We are a total gaming house, PS3, Xbox, GameCube and Wii. Yes we still have the old school games set up to.
    Personally I only do Wii with Zumba and Just Dance 2. I dont do it as often as I intended though. hee hee

    You're a cool mom!
    Here is my Guilty Pleasure today as I play along too.

  3. Haha...I can so envision this! What a dark horse you are!! By day sweet nagging Mum, by night ASSASSIN!! I LOVE it!! Awesome therapy and games have come a looong way since my hand held Donkey Kong or the Joy Stick where you would almost break your wrist playing an ancient tennis game.

    Oh how I am learning some VERY interesting stuff from you ladies!!

  4. @Tania - I ALWAYS kick hunny's butt, lol. That's what makes it so much fun ;)

    @Michelle - Oh believe me, we are a gaming household too. We have the PS3 (two actually...don't ask me why, it's too painful to remember), kids all have PSP's and DS's, the Wii (I bought it for excersising...that poor Wii Fit only came out to play once), and of course all the old school systems. What would we do without the Dreamcast? Lol, and you're not the only one that jumps when the characters jump. I am not allowed to play racing games anymore 'cause they all say I look too funny when I stand up and zoom my controller around...and I honestly think I can see around the corners of the screen if I turn my head just the right way, lol, I'm such a tool sometimes.

  5. CJ - Hahaha....I love it! Assassin Mommy. Has a nice ring to it, lol. And yes, Donkey Kong rules! I still have the all the old ones I think, lol, they are too much fun. More interesting stuff to come in future weeks I'm afraid, lots and lots of guilty pleasures here!!

  6. I have an Xbox that I have to make sure not buy games I like for.. lol or else I won't do anything else! I'm your newest follower and I simply adore your stud of the week!