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Friday, June 10, 2011

Follow Friday #2

Follow Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee. Love it!!

This week's question:

The magic book fairy pops out of your cereal box and says "you and your favorite character (from a book of course!) can switch places!" Who are you going to switch with?
Ok, well obviously my first thoughts were Mac and Cat. I mean, hello! They have got to be the most kick-ass chicks with the yummiest men ever! But you know what? I figured soooo many people would pick to trade places with them (who wouldn't?) so I decided to go a different route. So I decided on Scarlett O'Hara from Gone With The Wind. Sure, she is a bit of a spoiled brat, and the times aren't really the best...but she has got to be the orginally kick-ass chick. I mean, she has the awesome house and the cool man (even though he might not have been her first choice, I was a little in love with Rhett Butler) and she takes care of so much. From the war, to Atlanta burning, to her beloved Tara, to the loss of her own child...Scarlett can deal with it all while keeping her Southern cool and always looking like a lady in those awesome (but probably VERY uncomfortable dresses). Yeah, Scarlett rocks. I would totally be her for a day.
So who is your pick?


  1. Hopping through. New follower! Great pick of Scarlett. I didn't like her but I agree that she's a really strong, tough girl.
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