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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Great Canadian Giveaway Starts TODAY!!!

11 Blogs, 6 Extra Authors, 25 Prizes, 3 Winners!!!

What better way to spend the Canada Day weekend then with a giveaway? To celebrate the birth of this great country, myself and all the hosts are offering up this great giveaway!! How do you get in on this? Simple. Just add your name to the InLinz at the bottom of the page and hop on through to the other blogs for additional entries. Be sure to comment at each blog with the amount of entries you got there so we can keep track of them. Simple as that!!

This contest is open Internationally so that everyone will be able to celebrate Canada's Birthday with us!!! Awesome, right?

Our Hosts:

Close Encounters With the Night Kind - Interview with Jen Wylie
 and Me...of course...Love, Laugh & Read

The Prizes:

Salem Moon (EBook)
End of Mae (EBook)
Sweet Light (EBook)
Immortal Embrace (EBook)
Hill 170 (EBook)
Counter Camouflage: Serbian Urban Story (EBook)
Daphne and the Silver Ash (EBook)
Phobic Dawn (ARC Copy)
The Gifted Ones (Paperback)
7G (Autographed Copy)
On Dark Shores: The Lady (Free Smashwords code)
A Ranger's Tale (EBook)

2 of Each:

Loitering Shadows (PDF)
Stormy Defense (PDF)
Beyond the Lady (PDF)
The Gardener's Ice Maiden (PDF)


3 Mystery prizes...don't miss out on your chance to be one to be one of the 3 lucky winners!!

To find out more info on any of the books listed above...just click 'em!!

Special Mention to some great authors who have graciously donated copies of their books for this giveaway but aren't joining in the hop itself:

So...how to you get in on the greatness? It's simple:

Add your name to the InLinkz tools at the bottom of the post (you only need to do this the once, the same Linkz should be on every blog)

Follow the instructions on how to earn extra entries from each blog you're on

Comment on the post at each blog with the total entries you earned there. Please remember to leave your email in the comment so we know how to contact you if you win (if you are not comfortable leaving your email, send me a message with your entries so that I know icedancerlilith@gmail.com)

Follow the links to get to each blog on the hop and repeat until you're done!! Easy peasy!!Some blogs may have links to other bloggers posted, while others will just send you back here by clicking on Mr. Speedo (thanks to Mysti for naming our Canada day Mascot) so be on the lookout!

How do I get extra entries on this blog? Great question!!

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Each day starting tomorrow, I will have a review, interview, or guest post posted with one of our authors who have donated books for this giveaway. Check back each day to find out how you can earn even more entries by commenting on these posts or following our authors. You gotta check back each day to find out though :)

Now get going and happy hopping!!!


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