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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sex and Romance

If you are a reader of romance, odds are you have come across one or two novels that have some steamy sex scenes in it. I always assumed that sex and romance kind of went hand in hand. Apparently, this is not the case (who knew?). I was trolling some blogs and book clubs online earlier and I came across a discussion about this exact thing. I read through some posts and it got me thinking...why do I read romance novels? Is it just for the sex? Would I enjoy them as much if the lead man was less than average looking and he and his leading lady were spending their nights playing Scrabble instead of having mindblowing orgasms?

I read all different genres of books and not all of them have sex scenes, but I think when it comes to romances...be it contemporary, paranormal, or historical...I think a little sex gives the story a little extra. Mind you, do not underestimate the power of tension. I have read some books where there may not have been an actual knocking of boots, but the sexual tension would be enough to have you sweating. To me, this is just as good...sometimes even better depending on the situation.

Do I think all romance novels should have constant, steamy, hardcore sessions? Absolutely not. If I am in the mood for a book that is nothing but acrobatic, up against the wall, back scratching screwing...I know where to look, thank you. But at least one scene where, after chapters of sexual tension, the guy (who is always mindblowingly hot) and the girl (who rarely thinks she is pretty enough or good enough) he has been chasing, denying, or just didn't fully realize he wanted finally get the chance to get it on in the best way imaginable....nothing beats that. I mean, how many people honestly experience that kind of relationship in their lives? Are all these scenes believeable? No. Of course not, that is what makes them great. Seriously, do you know any man who is always about pleasing his girl ALL of the time? Please...give me his number. A woman who can get to the Big "O" every single time without even trying? Tell me the secret or do the female population of the world a favor and write a book about it. You just became an instant millionaire.

Sure, if you are interested in only clean romance novels...that is terrific. There are lots of them out there and they are great for younger audiences who want the thrill of a romance but are limited to PG action. I have no problems with these. Me, I like a little dirty in my love stories. It doesn't always have to be about "throbbing members" and "heaving breasts", but I kind of think it is important is the main characters of a story get a little somethin' eventually.

What do you think? Sex or no sex?


  1. Saw you on Book blogs.

    You ask a good question! I kinda think it depends on the book/series. I read Beyond the Highland Mist by Karen Marie Moning recently. I knew from the cover that it was a book that would have a lot of steamy sex scenes between two beautiful people. Because I was expecting it I would have been disappointed if it hadn't happened.
    But I've also just finished reading 'Fallen' and 'Torment' by Lauren Kate. Being YA books I knew they wouldn't have much sex in them. There certainly is sexual tension (which I love in books!) and the scenes where they Kiss are both sexy and sweet. I am hoping as the series progresses that there will be a sex scene or two ;)
    So ya, it really depends for me. sometimes I read a book because I'm looking for something easy, sexy and fun but other times I read to get involved with the characters lives outside of their sex life.

    New Follower btw! Good pick with stud of the week!

  2. Definitely a fan of the dirty sex scenes! I was corrupted by Diana Gabaldon's outlander series... who can resist the tall, fiery read-headed viking who makes fierce, passionate love to his porcelain-skinned, stubborn English woman Claire.
    Then I was further corrupted by Paullina Simons' Tatiana and Alexander series, with tiny, fragile, blonde Tatiana and her tall, dark, handsome, tattooed and battle-scarred Alexander.
    But, in saying that, I like a good story to go with it, and these two authors write amazing stories. Sometimes you get stories like chick lit that are too much involved in the sexual tension between the characters. With Diana and Paullina, you get a detailed, fascinating historical background that tears the characters apart and brings them back together again and again.

  3. @ Lucy: You are so right. It generally depends on the mood. Sometimes, I am not in the mood for dirty sex scenes (although I do enjoy reading them most of the time, lol) and when it comes to YA...sexual tension is usally there and greatly appreciated, but I don't expect sex. Oh, and glad you enjoy this week's Stud. I LOVE him ;)

    @Sarah: I agree with you too. The sex is great, but if there is no background story behind it, it just borders on erotica. There needs to be a great storyline. I LOVE the Outlander series! Diana is such a great writer! I haven't read anything by Paulina Simons...hmmmm...may just have to check her out now. Thanks! :D

  4. I'm a BIG fan of Diana Gabaldon and Jamie Fraser! I haven't heard of Paulina Simons, but I'm going to google her now ;)