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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So I have been away from my computer for the last little while. My son has been in and out of hospital and I have been preoccupied with him and unable to get a chance to give my blog the attention it deserves :(  Luckily, everything is better now and I am back! My site will be undergoing a HUGE transformation and I am bringing in some contests to make up for the lost time. Expect BIG things coming soon!! Contest number one begins tomorrow so be on the lookout for it!


  1. Hello. Hope everything continues to improve with your son. I am a new follower. Love Charlaine Harris. Had the chance to meet her at a writer's conference. Met her in the elevator and became a bumbling idiot, of course! Love your blog. I would love a return follow on my blog if you have a moment. Thanks. Donna

  2. Glad your son is better. It's hard when someone we love is not well.

  3. @Donna: Thanks. I really apprciate the follow, and I am following you now as well. Great site! It's so great that you met Charlaine Harris! Don't feel bad...I wouldn't know what to say either. I would probably just stare in awe or start rambling away like a crazy person, lol. :)

    @Leigh: Thanks so much. He is doing much better now. It is hard, but you gotta think on the positive side of things! Gets us through the day easier :)